Central team in Nashik to verify ex-gratia claims

Central team in Nashik to verify ex-gratia claims

NASHIK: A three-member Central team has arrived in Nashik for a two-day visit to check status of the ex-gratia of Rs 50,000 being given to each eligible family of the Covid-19 victim. The central government is giving ex-gratia assistance of Rs 50,000 each to the relatives of those who died due to Corona.

A three-member team from the Ministry of Health of the central government has arrived in Nashik to inspect the work being done at the municipal level regarding this financial aid. The team is checking all the documents at the district civil hospital.

In the Nashik municipal limits, 4,105 citizens have died of Corona in two years. In fact, 10,120 applications have been received for the ex-gratia from the heirs of Corona victims. Of these, 8,791 applications have been approved by the medical department, while 1,047 applications rejected.

It is suspected that the number of claimants for an ex-gratia assistance has increased due to the submission of documents by multiple members of same family.

According to the Supreme Court order and guidelines of the National Disaster Management Authority, an ex-gratia of Rs 50,000 each is being given to the heirs of those who died due to corona.

Accordingly, as per the orders of the Secretary, Disaster Management, Relief and Rehabilitation, the Municipal Corporation had invited applications for ex-gratia from the heirs of the victims.

In the last two years, 8,899 patients have died due to corona in the district. Out of 10,339 applications received by the medical department of the corporation for the request of an ex-gratia, 1,047 applications have been rejected due to various reasons. As many as 240 applications have been filed for reconsideration and although the hearing process is being conducted by the medical department, there is a picture that the concerned applicants are not coming for the hearing.

Municipal Corporation is working as per the guidelines of the government. Now, a team from the central government is looking for information from the medical department so that every eligible claimant can avail ex-gratia assistance.

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