Caution! Your driving license may be revoked

Caution! Your driving license may be revoked

Helmet rule to get stricter from New Year

NASHIK: At present, counseling is being given by the police administration for the use of helmets by two-wheeler riders in Nashik city. However, in the new year, norms for the use of helmets are being tightened with the provision of revocation of driving licenses along with punitive action. The use of helmets by two-wheelers will now become mandatory.

Police Commissioner Deepak Pandey carried out various activities in Nashik city by creating awareness and also forcing two-wheelers to use helmets. From 1st November to 22nd December, 7385 helmetless two-wheeler bikers were counseled. Also, from 15th August to 30th November, 24 male and 5 female two-wheeler riders died due to driving without helmets.

Accordingly, any vehicle owner without a helmet will have to undergo a counseling workshop from January 18, 2022. However, under the e-challan system, a penalty of Rs.500 / - will be levied as per the Motor Vehicles Act. License suspension action will be initiated.

Also, a new ordinance has been issued stating that as long as a person without a helmet does not pay the fine, his vehicle will remain in the possession of the police, and his vehicle will be confiscated only after payment of the fine.

This action will be taken daily in different areas of Nashik city. However, Sitaram Gaikwad, Assistant Commissioner of Police, City Transport, has appealed to all two-wheeler owners to follow the rules and use helmets for their own safety while riding and save their time spent on counseling.

The helmet rule is in force in the city in various forms. However, statistics show that public awareness about the use of helmets in the city is still lacking spirit among the bikers. Despite various measures being initiated against the rule violators since August, it seems that people are not very serious despite the cops using the carrot and stick approach.

Since the launch of the campaign, a fine to the tune of Rs. 18 lakhs, 48 thousand and five hundred has been recovered from the violators for failing to wear a helmet. Meanwhile, according to the traffic branch of the Commissionerate of Police, 3,698 people have been caught traveling without helmets since the start of the helmet drive and the fine has been recovered from them.

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