Caution: Dilapidated buildings

Power and water supply to be cut off
Caution: Dilapidated buildings

NASHIK: Ahead of the monsoon season, Nashik Municipal Corporation has issued notices to the owners of extremely dangerous and dilapidated buildings as they pose a threat to human life. A total of 1,077 buildings (wadas and other establishments) have been identified under the ‘old and dangerous’ category within the corporation’s city limits.

Out of 1,077 owners, 786 owners have received a direct notice from the officials, and the second notice will be issued within a month. Post the issuance of the second notice, the corporation will take strict action against the owners if they fail to adhere to the guidelines.

Owners, who have received the notice of the dangerous buildings, should take immediate action and evacuate the building or else; the officials shall cut the power and water supply to their buildings, wadas. Also, the police shall initiate the evacuation if the ones residing refuse to cooperate with the authorities.

Before every monsoon season, the corporation issues notices to such buildings, wadas, posing threat to life. This year, Municipal Commissioner and Administrator Ramesh Pawar has issued orders of strict and direct action against the owners.

The second notice will be issued in a month, and if owners fail to comply with the orders, the corporation and police administration will take action against such people to prevent loss of life.

A list, inclusive of their names, shall be forwarded to the power distribution company, and the company shall cut off their power supply. Even the water supply to these buildings will be discontinued, and police will evacuate these establishments as per the orders of the High Court.

Problems to be resolved

In Nashik city, various areas such as Old Nashik, Panchavati, and Gangaghat area, have old wadas, and the reports of wadas collapsing sprung up every monsoon season. In several cases, people have lost their lives, and many faced severe financial loss. Even though the wadas in Old Nashik and Gangaghat are in a dilapidated condition, due to the dispute between the tenants and landlords, no action is taken against such wadas. However, due to the orders of the municipal commissioner, things might get better.

"Every year, the corporation issues the notices to these owners. However, this year, the divisional offices have the power to take action against these owners. Every year, such buildings cause loss of property and life. Things will be different this year as the department has the authority to cut water and power supply of these buildings post the second notice." - Sanjay Agrawal, Executive Engineer, Municipal Town Planning Department

Area-wise dangerous buildings

Nashik East - 117

Nashik West - 600

Panchavati division - 198

Nashik Road division - 69

New Nashik - 25

Satpur - 68

Total – 1077

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