Cases rise in Sinnar taluka, farmers in fear

Zilla Parishad demands one crore for vaccination
Cases rise in Sinnar taluka, farmers in fear

NASHIK: The entry of Lumpy skin disease in Sinnar taluka has created an atmosphere of fear among the farmers. In Sinnar taluka, farmers of Pangri, Vavi, and Dusangwadi demand immediate vaccination for their livestock as Lumpy disease has begun spreading in their cattle.

India is an agricultural country, and the livelihood of many farmers in the country depends on the dairy business. The dairy industry is widely practised in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar. Due to a large number of milch animals, Lumpy disease is rampant in these states. As insects are one of the major disease spreaders, the cases of this skin disease are increasing gradually.

In Maharashtra, the prevalence of this disease is highest in Jalgaon and Nagar districts, followed by Sinnar taluka of Nashik district.

In this disease, the animal’s body gets lumps and the size of these lumps increases gradually.

This virus is transmitted to other animals at high speed through insects. Symptoms of Lumpy disease initially include fever in animals, weight loss, viscous discharge flowing from the eyes, drooling from the mouth, and several small lumps appearing on the body.

During this period, the animal gives less milk, and the health of the animal worsens. This skin disease is a contagious disease, and can spread from one animal to another animal immediately.

As a solution for this viral disease, isolation of lumpy-infected animals, and killing of flies, mosquitoes, and ticks holds utmost importance. During this period, if an animal dies, its dead body should be burnt and not left in open. Insecticide spraying is necessary for the entire cowshed. Animals infected with this virus die quickly.

Therefore, it is necessary for farmers to be vigilant about this disease and ensure timely vaccination of their cattle, said Dr Ajay Thorat, Animal Husbandry Development Officer of Sinnar taluka veterinary hospital, while speaking to the Daily Deshdoot.

He added officials have initiated public awareness campaigns related to the disease, and vaccines are available within 5 km of the affected area.

Dr Ajay Thorat, Panchayat Samiti’s Dr Yogesh Dubey and Vavi’s Veterinary Officer Dr Avinash Pawar have appealed to the farmers in the area to get their cattle vaccinated immediately and ensure timely insecticide spraying.

Zilla Parishad demands one crore for vaccination

The Lumpy disease is affecting the animals of the district, and to combat the spread, the Animal Husbandry Department of Zilla Parishad has demanded a fund of one crore. Zilla Parishad informed that Chief Executive Officer Leena Bansod has sent a proposal to the District Planning Committee in this regard.

After detecting that animals were getting infected with the new virus Lumpy in both Pangri and Dusangwadi villages of Sinnar taluka, even the animals of Gulvanch and Deshwandi villages of the taluka started getting infected with the disease.

Two animals in Gulvanch and one in Deshvandi have been affected. Against this backdrop, Chief Executive Officer Leena Bansod held a meeting with District Animal Husbandry Officer Dr Vishnu Garje on Wednesday (September 14) and reviewed the district’s condition. The duo discussed the need for immediate vaccination.

During the meeting, Bansod instructed the group development officers to create awareness at the village level about vaccination and spraying insecticides in several areas, especially cowsheds, for mosquito and fly control. Dr Garje said they have received new instructions from the central government regarding vaccination, and as per their instructions, the officials will now initiate a vaccination drive in cowsheds.

He clarified that no central government directive regarding general vaccination has been issued. ZP officials said that a proposal of one crore fund has been submitted to the District Planning Committee keeping in mind the requirement of funds to deal with Lumpy disease in the future.

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