Business Dressing Etiquette

Personality Matters
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Blog by Dr.Latika Vaishak Shanbhag

Every organization expects its employees to be well groomed and presentable. Employees need to understand that sensible dressing goes a long way in building their professional image. As an employee, you are also representing your organization.

1. It is rightly said: “a man is known by his dress” - Donning the right business attire will not only help you make a mark of your own but also climb the success ladder in the shortest possible time span. Do not just pull out anything from your wardrobe and wear it to work. Remember you can’t wear your party outfit to work just because it is expensive and looks good on you. It is not necessary that a shirt that looked good on you five years ago, will still look good on you. Know what you are wearing. Do not step out of your home unless you see yourself in a full length mirror.

2. Do not wear loud colors to work - Blue, Charcoal grey, White, Black, Khaki are essentially some colors that every business wardrobe should have. Colors based on a neutral color palette look good at the workplace.

3. Never wear gaudy accessories to work - Avoid wearing big earrings and too many bangles at the workplace. The clattering sound of your bangles every time you hit the keyboard will not only disturb you but also others sitting around you. Do not blindly follow others. You need to create a style of your own. Keep your dressing simple yet elegant.

4. Men, the middle button on a jacket should always be closed. The upper one depends on your mood. The lower one should never be closed.

5. Ladies, wear earrings that match your bracelet and a necklace that goes well with your ring. 3 or 4 things in one look are too much.

6. Men, the tip of your tie should reach your waist and cross it just a little.

7. Men, if you tucked in your shirt, you should wear a belt.

8. Ladies, Your naked skin should not be seen between your cardigan and your jeans. Wear a little long top if necessary.

9. Your belt should be the same color as your shoes.

10. Don’t wear too many prints. You can wear 2 different prints of the same color or 2 coordinating prints of different sizes.

11. Your socks should be long enough that your naked legs aren’t seen when you sit.

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