Bose Park residents terrorised by hooligans

Demand action and permanent security guards
Bose Park residents terrorised by hooligans

NASHIK: According to reports, the erstwhile peaceful locality in the Savatanagar area has become a nightmare for women. Known as a safe, residential area of the city, it looks like some areas in Savatanagar might be losing their reputation. Residents living near Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Park claim that they are being harassed and taunted by a group of hooligans, due to which, stepping out after sunset has become difficult.

Many families live near Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Park, preferring its peaceful environment. Now, however, these goons sit outside the societies for most of the day, making residents’ lives miserable. In the park area in Savatanagar, some miscreants have resorted to hooliganism, as alleged by residents, which is completely ignored by the Ambad police. This has affected the citizens.

The residents have demanded that these goons should be dealt with immediately. The women of the area also demanded that security be tightened in the park area and that permanent security guards be deployed. A memorandum of demands in this regard was given to Shiv Sena city chief and Corporator Sudhakar Badgujar.

The park has been closed since the post-Corona curfew, which has seen an increase in the number of unidentified goons as well as looters. Citizens living in the park area have to bear the brunt of it as has been noticed that these unidentified miscreants consume alcohol and indulge in various illegal activities. The goons also include some teenage girls. Citizens often tried to persuade them. But it is of no use.

Instead, they threaten the residents. Due to all these, it has become difficult to live in this area and it is necessary to deal with the hooligans immediately. “The height of the protection wall of the park should be increased so that these goons will not be able to enter the park. CCTV system should be activated in this area so that goons can be apprehended,” demand residents. Demand has also been made in the statement to increase the number of street lights in the area and the park. During the discussion, Subhash Pagar, Madhav Navale, Shivaji Daund, K R Thorkar, Bhagat Singh Salunke, and others were present.

"In this case, suitable action will be taken immediately. We will take care that no illegal activity will take place in the park. Those who disturb the peace in the park area will be dealt with strictly." - Sudhakar Badgujar, Corporator, and Shiv Sena city chief

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