Big relief as land owners agree on rates

Nashik-Pune rail link
Big relief as land owners agree on rates

NASHIK: Valuation of lands in four villages was finally settled for Nashik-Pune semi high-speed railway line. These rates are to be calculated considering the highest market rate received by the land in the last three years.

With the fixation of land acquisition criteria, now the acquisition through direct purchases is about to begin. For this project, five villages from Nashik taluka and 15 from Sinnar taluka, i.e., 22 villages will be acquired.

For the first time in the district land acquisition has got the best purchase rate in three years. At present, 19.42 hectares of land will be acquired from Bargaon Pimpri in Sinnar taluka. Three price slabs have been fixed under the specified criteria. The first price slab is Rs 62 lakh 64 thousand 65 per hectare. The second price slab is Rs 63 lakh 89 thousand 345, while the third price slab is Rs 68 lakh 27 thousand 830. These three price slabs have been fixed based on the assessment of land.

Altogether 0.18 hectares of land will be acquired in Patpimpri. The sale deed price is Rs 55 lakh 61 thousand 465 per hectare. The price for 22.48 hectares of land in Vadzire is pegged at Rs 57 lakh 64 thousand 65, while the second price is fixed at Rs 58 lakh 75 thousand 285. The price for 9.62 hectares of land in Datli village has been announced as Rs 52 lakh four thousand 750 and Rs 53 lakh 60 thousand 895 under different assessments.

These prices are announced according to the texture and type of land, informed by Land Acquisition Officer Vasanti Mali. Proceedings were initiated on the proposal filed by the Railway Department regarding land acquisition. The route of this project will pass through four talukas of Haveli, Khed, Junnar and Ambegaon in the Pune district. For this, 575 hectares of land will be acquired.

Land acquisition will also be done in Nashik and Nagar districts. It includes lands in Vihitgaon, Deolali, Belatgavham, Nanegaon and Sansari villages in Nashik. That too will be taken up soon. Their rates have not been fixed yet. 37.22 hectares of land will be acquired. The purchase will be made directly through private negotiation. For this, a tripartite committee has been formed under the chairmanship of the Nashik District Collector. The current rates are for agricultural land, and horticulture rates will be determined based on legal records. The sale deed will now pick up the pace.

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