Bhavli dam overflows

Bhavli dam overflows

NASHIK: Probaby for the first time in this season that Bhavli dam in the district filled to its brim giving a much needed respite to paddy growers who were in dire need of water due to reducing rains.

Considered as a home of rains, Igatpuri yesterday lashed with heavy rains. Due to this, Bhavli dam in the taluka has overflowed. Filling of Bhavli dam lessens most of the worries of Igatpuri taluka. Bhavali Dam fills to its full capacity by the end of July every year.

This year, however, both the months of June and July were dry and the water storage in the dam was almost the same. All eyes were on the filling of the dam.The tehsil received 109 mm of rain in 24 hours till 8 am yesterday.

The Bhavli Dam, with a capacity of about 1,500 gallons, overflows by the end of July. However, due to unsatisfactory rainfall in the taluka this year, the dam is filled about 15 days late period.

Generally other dams in the taluka start filling only after filling Bhavli dam. Therefore, if the rains continue in the catchment area of ​​the dams in the near future, the dams like Bham, Darna, Kadva, Mukne, Vaitarna and Waki ​​ will also be filled.

However, the first two months of this year have been dry and there is concern in all quarters. If the remaining dams are not filled this year, the taluka will no doubt face severe water scarcity.

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