Benefits of journaling that will change your life

Benefits of journaling that will change your life

(Blog by Dr.Latika Vaishak Shanbhag)

Become Aware of What Matters

As you continue to write a journal, following a stream-of consciousness feel, you can look back on the topics you chose to write about. Those issues and emotions that poured out of you will provide insight into what matters most to you. You may not even realize that your job is depressing you or that you want to spend more time with your kids until you look over the thoughts that you weren’t really thinking about.

Represents Your Emotions in a Safe Environment

A journal is as private as it gets. You can lock it in a safe or tuck it under a pillow, and no one will accidentally share it on social media or have an opportunity to “leave a comment.” Write about your sorrow as much as your happiness and frustration, and know that you don’t have to keep your emotions inside your body. You can put them on paper.

Dig into your true feeling

Journaling can help you get out of the way of what you truly feel on the inside. In other words, take the time to sit and write about something that is affecting you can lead to a deeper and more realistic view of what feelings you are actually feeling. When we are caught up in the “rat-race” of life, we tend to disregard our feelings and keep ourselves busy and jaded. It isn’t until we slow down for some time to let the feelings inside be what they truly are.

Provide Direction

Though journaling is often conducted as an activity without much direction, it often provides direction. One of the biggest benefits of journaling is that your chaotic thoughts merge to show a direction in which to head. Asking the right questions is the only way to achieve the best solutions, so look to your journal to find your way toward your next goal.

Find Meaning in Life

Journaling will show you why you are living, whether you are wallowing in things you wish to change or striving to make the changes. Your life will begin to take on new meaning, and your own words will reveal the actions that got you where you are so that you can assess and pave a new path for your future.

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