Beautification or disfigurement of Godaghat?

Beautification or disfigurement of Godaghat?

NASHIK: The work of beautification of Goda Ghat is underway through Smart City Company. As there is no coordination between the Smart City Company and the Municipal Corporation administration in the beautification work, the question has arisen as to whether the Gangaghat is being renovated or degraded?

Dewang Jani, an environmentalist, while interacting with Dainik Deshdoot, discussed the issues of changing room, quality of work, environment and inconvenience.

Use of waste stone instead of black stone

Currently, work is underway to install tiles on Yashwantrao Maharaj Patangan. The tiles were also laid at this place last August. However, subsequent minor floods washed away the tiles.

Work is underway to demolish the old black stone or basalt rock structure in Godavari’s Patangan, level it with cement and re-install cement blocks on it. If all goes well, then the question arises as to why the plan was made to remove it again.

The black stone at Pandavaleni and Chambarleni was chosen for laying the tiles, but instead, the waste stone from Makrana in Rajasthan was used. With the installation of these tiles, a total height of 6 inches to 1 foot will be achieved.

Therefore, the water level in the flood will increase. Even if the floodwater level rises by 1 inch, the water reaches the city. Now 6 inches to 1 foot means where will the flood water go? This is the question citizens are asking.

Will the beams of cement concrete stand?

Godavari beautification includes an estimated expenditure of Rs 68 crore. Under this, deep stambh which are used to light up ‘diyas’ are being erected on both the sides of Godavari. Although basalt rock is required in the tender, it is being erected in a straight cement concrete block. When the floodwaters cross the Holkar bridge, it takes furious form. When the flood comes, will these deep stambhs erected in cement concrete hold such pressure?

Will Ramsetu Bridge be rebuilt?

Smart City Company has made a report to demolish Ramsetu Bridge. It will be demolished sooner or later. But will it still be rebuilt? Smart City has not clarified this. For this, all Nashik residents were stationed at this place one day and protested. Guardian Minister Chhagan Bhujbal himself should be present at this place and see the repair works of the bridge. If the Ramsetu is broken after the flood, it must be repaired now or the old one must be demolished and a new one should be built. Smart City is informing us about the demolition of Ramsetu but has no clarification about rebuilding it.

Many problems due to changing room

The changing room where it stands today; has caused many problems. At Ramkund, the river Godavari changes its channel and turns southward. The construction of the dressing room prevented sunlight from entering and made it difficult for the early sun rays to reach the surface. In addition, Kumbh Mela is held every 12 years. On the auspicious day of this Kumbh Mela, many devotees flock to Ramkund for the royal bath. Devotees do not even get to see the Godavari River as there is a changing room in this place, they have to go down to see the river.

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