Ban on temporary permissions at district level

Sand mining
Ban on temporary permissions at district level

NASHIK: The government has banned temporary permissions being given at the district level for mining of minor minerals. The district administration has also been warned by the state not to issue any kind of permit or give permission without environmental clearance. The said order issued by the government will help control the unruly arbitrariness of the officials.

In 2013, the then state government had decided to issue temporary licenses for secondary/minor minerals through competent authorities at the local level as per the Maharashtra Minor Mineral Mining Rules. However, on the basis of the same order, the number of illegal mining of secondary minerals has increased in some districts in the last few years.

As the sand mafia were attacking directly the natural resources, that was posing damage to the environment, thus causing environmental imbalance. Therefore, environmentalists have knocked on the doors of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) and courts to prevent environmental degradation. However, even after that, there were indications that the mafias were misusing temporary licenses. The NGT on this backdrop alerted the government from time to time.

Therefore, the state government, as per the order of the National Green Tribunal dated February 17, 2022, imposed a ban on the temporary permissions for the mining of minor minerals. The order issued by the Divisional Commissioners and District Collectors has made it mandatory to check the environmental consent before issuing licenses and giving temporary permissions. Therefore, there are restrictions are in place on the issuance of minor mineral licenses by the district administration.

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