Bakhar writers distort the image of Sambhaji Maharaj: Adv Bagade

Digital Vasant Vykhyanmala
Bakhar writers distort the image of
Sambhaji Maharaj: Adv Bagade

NASHIK: “The foreigners glorified him as a warrior prince, but, our own Bakhar writers distorted the history of Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj,” expressed senior lawyer Adv. Abhijit Bagade. He was speaking on the topic ‘Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj’ in memory of former Mayor Panditrao Khaire. With this, the digital Vasant Vyakhyanmala was concluded. During the lecture, Bagade described Shivaputra Sambhaji Maharaj with many facets like dignity, integrity, pride, respect for a father figure, loyal, warrior, king with a taste for art and intellectual.

After, around 350 years history of Sambhaji Maharaj shown in distorted form in plays, films and writings. “To highlight their work fake characters were put in the story of Sambhaji Maharaj. Can the son of Shivaji Maharaj be like that?”, asked Adv Bagade to the audience. He said that Khafikhan wrote the history of the Marathas. Describing Sambhaji Maharaj, it was said that the enemy does not dare to attack this king who has become strong on the strength of his bravery.

The defamation of Sambhaji Maharaj’s image was done on purpose by Bakhar writers, Adv Bagade added. The entry of Dillerkhan’s troop was a part of Shivaji Maharaj’s guerrilla warfare. How Shivaji Maharaj who had never spared the traitors would spare his son. Shivaji Maharaj aimed to fight against Dilerkhan, mentioned Adv Bagade.

He explained that the Sambhaji Maharaj had the feeling that he was the son of Shivaji Maharaj, so he did not bow down before Aurangzeb. On this occasion, Shrikant Beni, president of Vasant Vyakhyanmala made an introduction, while Sangeeta Bafna, secretary proposed the vote of thanks.

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