Awareness campaign for malaria prevention

Health officials advise blood test in case of fever
Awareness campaign for malaria prevention

NASHIK: The June month is being observed as “Malaria Prevention Month” in the district by the District Malaria Office and Health Department of Zilla Parishad. In this connection, a special awareness campaign is being implemented across the district. “Citizens should get their blood tested if symptoms of fever appear” appealed by District Malaria Officer Vaishali Patil.

Malaria Prevention Month is observed in June every year on the backdrop of the onset of monsoon under the National Insect Disease Control Programme. vector-borne diseases during the monsoon season mainly include malaria, dengue, chikungunya and elephantiasis. Symptoms of malaria include chills, fever, and body aches.

Dengue and Chikungunya also have symptoms such as fever, body aches, headaches and acne. In such cases, it is important for the patient to have a quick blood test and timely treatment, regardless of the fever.

Awareness is being created by implementing activities like free check-ups at government hospitals for the disease and medical treatment to the patients if any symptoms are found.

Under this campaign, activities like rapid fever survey, finding the place of origin of mosquitoes, releasing guppy fish in waters, working in the field through ASHA staff, distribution of leaflets, etc, are also being carried out.

The campaign is also about to educate the people about the use of mosquito nets, to clean the gutters, to clean the premises, to net the sewer vent pipes, to keep them dry one day in a week, to cover the water reservoirs, to hold regular gram sabhas and group meetings to inform the people about vector-borne diseases.

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