Auto rickshaw, ST bus lead to traffic congestion at CBS circle
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Auto rickshaw, ST bus lead to traffic congestion at CBS circle

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


The work of smart road which was going on for the last two years has finally been completed. Though CBS circle has become a smart circle, it is witnessing traffic jam as systems have not functionalised yet. This circle is encircled by auto rickshaws.

Centrally located CBS circle is an important circle in the city. There are central bus stand, district court, district collectorate, Mela bus stand, tehsil police station and land record office at the western side of the circle, while Shivaji Road and Shalimar are at the eastern side. As circle has a main route to go anywhere, it is witnessing a constant rush of citizens.

Though CBS circle has been made smart, traffic signal system and CCTV cameras have still not functionalised. As police are confused over the regulation of traffic here, they are seen standing at a corner. In effect, drivers are driving their vehicles waywardly.

This results in traffic congestion like situation in the morning and evening. There is a rickshaw stop at the corner of Shivaji Road in the eastern side. There is a rush of consumers due to hotels and tea stall. In addition, queues of auto-rickshaws are seen from CBS circle to Dr Ambedkar statue. This has caused obstruction to vehicles and they are stuck in the circle.

There is a way for the bus to enter the Central Bus Stand from the eastern side and a way to get out from the southern side. The road at the southern side is very narrow. As there is an encroachment by fruit vendors and auto-rickshaw drivers on this road, buses are seen stuck there many times. This has caused traffic congestion.

Comparing to past, CBS circle has now become free. Police personnel are also seen there, but drivers do not follow any rules. If they are disciplined, the issue of traffic congestion will be solved immediately.
                                                                                                                                    – Hiralal Kanor, businessman

Auto rickshaws are seen at every corner of CBS circle. In addition, six-seater and black and yellow vehicles are also seen there. As a result, chaos is seen in the morning and evening. Auto-rickshaw drivers park their rickshaws in the middle of the road. They need to be controlled.
                                                                                                                                   – Chaitanya Bora, businessman