At 8.5 degrees C, Niphad coldest in North Maharashtra

Nashik at 10.4
At 8.5 degrees C, Niphad coldest
in North Maharashtra

Nashik: Niphad town, the grape growing belt of the Nashik district, on Thursday was the coldest in North Maharashtra with a minimum temperature of 8.5 degrees Celsius, while mercury touched 10.4 degrees Celsius in Nashik too.

Nashikites have started experiencing ‘pink cold’ this year at the beginning of November. The Wheat Research Centre at Niphad has recorded a minimum temperature of 8.5 degrees Celsius. Generally, the temperature at the centre in Niphad slips below freezing point.

The mercury of Nashik city has also dropped and settled at 10.4 degrees Celsius. Niphad has recorded the lowest temperature of the season yesterday as the mercury suddenly dropped below 10 degrees. Grape growers are worried about the sudden cold snap. Meteorologists have indicated that cold weather is beneficial for wheat and gram while rainfed onion will grow well in the soil.

Demand for warm clothes has increased due to increased cold in Nashik and other parts of the district. Bonfire has started burning in the villages along the roads. Today the mercury reached 10.4 degrees.

It's seen that citizens are rushing to the jogging tracks to enjoy cold weather and to workout. Amateur congregations that start exercising in the winter are also now appearing on the streets. At night, roads in rural areas, including the city, appear to be deserted by increased cold.

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