Asian palm civet cat released in wild

Recovered from an injury
Asian palm civet cat released in wild

NASHIK: An Asian palm civet cat was released in suitable habitat by Nashik’s Eco Echo Foundation after treating it for the accident’s injuries. An adult male cat was rescued by Nashik West Forest Department from Girnare Village from an accident site. The cat was injured in the accident and rescued by the department for treatment. Due to the accident, the cat was peeing blood.

Therefore, the department handed over the injured to the foundation for further treatment. Under the guidance of Dr Sachin Wende and Dr Sandeep Pawar, the cat was treated with utmost care for four to five days and released yesterday after he recovered from the injury.

Know the cat

Asian palm civet cat is a scavenger, nocturnal cat native to South and Southeast Asia. As it accommodates in a broad variety of habitats and has a decent population, the International Union for Conservation of Nature categorised it under the least-concern species. Due to its nocturnal nature, the cat is prone to accidents. A lot of misconceptions are associated with the cat. Some even believe it digs up the dead bodies and feeds on them. However, all these myths are not scientifically proven and don’t hold any importance in reality.

The cat is an omnivore and even feeds on berries and pulpy fruits, thus helping in maintaining the tropical ecosystem via seed disbursal. It eats Chiku, mango, and coffee but also small mammals and insects. In some parts of its range, these cats are hunted for bushmeat and pet trade.

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