Aaryan Shukla clinches Olympiad Bronze
Aaryan Shukla clinches Olympiad Bronze
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Aaryan Shukla clinches Olympiad Bronze

Becomes youngest ever medal winner

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


Aaryan Shukla, a 10-year-old boy from Nashik bagged a Bronze medal in the junior category and hoisted the Indian flag in the prestigious Mental Calculation World Championship which is held every year under the Mind Sports Olympiad (MSO).

He becomes youngest ever medal winner in the history.

Only 30 of the best players in the world were participated in this championship. Due to the threat of Corona, this time the competition was organised online without appearing in London like every year.

Under the guidance of renowned Indian coach Eusebius Noronha (Genius Kid India), six players were participated in the championship.

Aaryan from Nashik was representing India in this competition at the age of 10. In just a few seconds, a variety of very hard mathemstics questions were asked in this competition.

Competitors had to deal with a number of issues like cube root of 12 digit number, square root, stating any date, multiplication of a large number, division, addition, subtraction etc.

In the preliminary round, Aaryan scored the most points to finish first in his group and easily qualified for the final.

In the final round, 14 contestants were selected. It was a very exciting match till the last question. The final match lasted for more than two hours. At just 10 Years old, Aaryan finished 4th, beating competitors who were older and more experienced than him.

Also in the junior group under 17 years,

India won the Bronze medal and hoisted the Indian flag at the World Championships.

The competition was attended by contestants up to PhD in Mathematics and aged 10 to 57 years.

Despite being the youngest, Aryan showed off his talent and became the youngest medalist in the history of the competition to date.

Aaryan has previously set two world records by winning 10 medals at the 2018 Memorial Mental Maths Competition in Turkey. Eusebius Noronha, head of Genius Kid India, Nitin Jagtap of Nashik and all the coaches have made valuable contributions.

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