Around 2K people encroached on the govt land

1,300 removed
Around 2K people encroached on the govt land

NASHIK: There is a rise in encroachments on Public Works Department premises in different parts of the district. There is a picture of around 2,159 people crossing the state highway and stopping at the government land along the district highway. Due to these encroachments, the highway has become narrow in some places and there is a constant fear of an accident spot.

This data has revealed a picture of December 2020. The Public Works Department is also being questioned, why it is afraid to take action on these encroachers? Many people use this space for shops, houses, hotels, leaf sheds. In the last few days, out of 3,371, only 1,312 encroachments have been removed. Nashik division of the Public Works Department has the highest number of 1,402 encroachers.

A total of 2,000 encroachments are pending in five divisions. People encroached these lands with hotels, houses, vegetable markets, electronics shops, timber traders, Chinese shops, garages. This encroachment is causing a traffic jam. Accidents have increased due to narrow roads, so there is a constant demand from motorists to remove these encroachments.

Many people have been encroaching without the permission of the Public Works Department for the last several years. In the last few days, the eastern division has taken action and removed some encroachments, while notices have been issued to the citizens earlier.

The lowest number of encroachments in the district is in Kalwan taluka where only 81 persons have encroached on government land. Most encroachments have been removed from the Nashik division of the Public Works Department. Meanwhile, there is talk that the Corona crisis could not take place due to Corona.


  • Nashik division : 1402

  • North Nashik division : 231

  • East division : 198

  • Malegaon division : 247

  • Kalwan division : 81

There is a talk that political parties are interfering in the removal of encroachments. Since the Public Works Department is not interested in removing the encroachments, there is no shortage of encroachers. However, it is affecting the general public and vehicle owners and there is a demand to remove these encroachments as soon as possible.

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