Are these ‘Acche Din’ as Modi Govt which divested stakes of Doordarshan and Akashwani ?
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Are these ‘Acche Din’ as Modi Govt which divested stakes of Doordarshan and Akashwani ?

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi

As per a famous Aesop’s fables, there was a quote which goes that, “kill the goose that lays the golden egg”. Meaning those who are educated or have genuine degrees will surely understand it that..

“You can describe an important source of money as a golden goose, especially when it is in danger of being stopped or very much sold. The days when the manufacturing industry or Government public sector units was a golden goose are long gone.

Note: This expression comes from Aesop’s fable (= traditional story, usually with a moral) about a peasant who owned a goose which laid golden eggs.

The peasant (BJP) was so eager to become rich that he cut the bird (India) open, hoping that he would be able to get all the eggs at once. Which was a big blunder or stupidity as all efforts went down the moral drain and later Govt shall resort to heist of public wealth of you are less on financial resources.

“I do not consume onion and garlic too much, so no onion prices or skyrocketing vegetable inflation has very little impact on me,” Nirmala Sitharaman, the Finance Minister of the country responded to the Lok Sabha, and even announced the sale of larger stakes of Life Insurance Corporation or Life Insurance Corporation and IDBI in the budget 2020.

The mind got puzzled…!

That recalled an advertisement of LIC dating fifty years back, to keep them (children) smiling please take life insurance. As a thought struck to the writer, Are these the ‘Acche Din’ promised by the Modi-Shah duo, who showed the dreams to crore of Indian’s by getting elected twice?

After the Indian Independence, the tall leader Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, was the architect, as he set up the concept of government-controlled companies. Which was planned on the lines of Soviet Union’s Five Year Plan. As the companies were setup up in all the sectors. This included all sectors like banks, insurance, oil, etc. Today, as a result of Nehru’s efforts, we see more than 100 companies in the form of Maharatna, Navratna and Miniratna companies. By giving way to the nationalisation of banks the Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi strengthened the government’s grip on the financial sector. The continents like India which had population sparsely populated lesser than China, which had running it’s economy on those Government companies, lasted for about 54 years pre-divestment plan of Modi Government.

Even India outpaced China’s economic growth in 2010, as per the economist US-based magazine had reported. But in the 1980’s, post-Maoist revolution Communist China had opened its doors to foreign investment, and from then on, the economist started floundering the idea of why India shouldn’t refrain from following China’s path.

The Indian economist began to think and research on the Chinese way of economic model post-1980’s. It was during this time that the concentrated efforts of the Indira Government reaped fruits as it took the television to the nook and corner of the country especially in the rural areas. But after 1990 the Indian economy was staring at dark crisis and was in so shaky turf that Chandrasekhar Government had pledged India’s gold to the world bank. Even in that black and shaky economic crisis, the then Prime Minister Narasimha Rao and Finance Minister Dr Manmohan Singh worked hard to steer the country out of economic crisis and set new directions for foreign investment.

Post 1991 liberalisation, the Narsimha Rao’s and then Finance Minister’s Dr Manmohan Singh’s work yielded real economic growth in 15 years of tenure. And since 2014, the economy is crumbling down like a pack of cards, which is seriously on declining graph. The graph of GDP is steadily sliding downwards but Hindu – Muslim polarization seems to be consciously designed to target the Muslim community at large.

Unfortunately, the BJP Government, which is at the centre is the main culprit and responsible for designing all these social evils which is using India’s security machinery to create unrest and conflicts and is on a free spree to garner a majority of Hindutva identity for 2024 Lok Sabha polls. Even the Bhakts who have felt prey to the religious emotive and polarised politics of BJP (Hindutva). Are in large or constitutes Majority in number are so blindfolded that they aren’t able to see the downfall of Indian economy.

The BJP government is raising money by privatizing many of the Government companies formed during Jawaharal Nehru and Indiraji’s era. But in spite of this, the BJP does not forget to super impose or play the trumpet that the Nehru-Gandhi family destroyed the country. Although the BJP is following the teachings of the RSS as that on whose behalf you are politically dependent, tarnish them and topple them in order to create a blind eye of hate against them. In more than one hundred Ratna companies that of insurance, telecoms, transportation, entertainment, education, the government itself provides money and services to the people which provides employment to large section of society. But after realizing that the government could not provide money at all places, the government had included private stakeholders in its project in many sectors.

The privatisation was that beginning in the years to come. Considering India’s vast population, the idea that the government that there are limitations or difficulties to provide food, clothing, shelter, health, education and recreation facilities till the last hierarchy of society.

This gradually led to the emergence of private stakeholders in many sectors. The phrase was bantered on ears of many Indian’s “That Government’s priority is to do governance and not make governance as usual business or to do businesses” these sentences were ear dropped repeatedly as a part of BJP’s Goebbels theory or agenda. And there is also the fact, the government which finds limitations or cannot provide facilities at the levels of mirco levels or societal hierarchies so wherever possible, it is advisable to do privitisation. But in doing so, it is a mistake or blunder for the government to completely withdraw from its sole responsibility as a Government’.

Private companies can only extend or provide services only wherever they feel they can profit or benefit. Of course, the tendency of private companies is to do business only in urban areas or serve the interests only in urban areas leaving the rural areas in question. Many private buses and taxi operators will operate on Mumbai-Pune road. But Maharashtra State-controlled Transport Services will only operate or ply only in remote areas of Gadchiroli and Yavatmal.

Therefore, wherever possible, the Government should opt for Privatisation. And wherever it is inappropriate for the government to refrain completely withdraw itself from any responsibility in business or privatisation, is also highly discouraged. Ambani’s hospital is in Mumbai but he will not run the primary health centers in any of the state’s village. And that’s where public welfare and social welfare has to be prioritized by the government of the day.

As it has to serve or has to take responsibility to serve the poor in the rural pockets. Today many private insurance companies are operating in urban areas, as part of their respective corporate policies. But LIC is the only insurance company which has its tentacles spread across the nook and corner of the country! But for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party, who have resolved to prioritize the Hindu-Muslim polarization and has spoken on defeating Pakistan in eight days, the plan was to treat LIC as a golden hen to raise the money needed to run the political affairs of the BJP.

Narendra Modi, who hardly understands economics and still claims to be a ‘hard working not ‘Harvard return’, has chose to see the way. To galvanize the views of 100 crore into Hindu votes, all efforts are designed to get him the third term for Modi in 2024. Dr Subramaniam Swamy, a staunch opponent of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, is also included in the Sangh Parivar’s Advisory Board.

The Government must consider printing of Lakshmi on the currency notes was suggested by Subramaniam Swamy, where one can assess that how mediocre these mentally imbalanced individuals are or imbecile they are? It can be understood by their respective views. Once the glory of India, the Air India has also been kept aside for the purpose of selling it. And the most worst statements of our times comes from the Union Minister for Railway’s and Commerce that if he was not a Minister, he would have bought Air India. It is owned by the government to cover its financial wrongdoings the BJP government is hiding is ill doings by giving empty slogans of Hindutva.

The BJP Government which is on selling spree of its Government-owned companies isn’t working on to restore the economic turmoil of the country as there are no efforts or any not visible reforms which revives hopes that situation might change in the next four years. Therefore, do not be surprised if the ruling flock of quacks of BJP, who call themselves patriots (Nationalists) at the same time, shall also sell the Akashwani (radio) and Doordarshan (television) tomorrow!

– Jayant Mainkar