Appoint separate talathis for these villages

Nashik taluka’s western part
Appoint separate talathis for these villages

DEOLALI CAMP: The villagers of Wadgaon, Naikwadi, Nagalwadi, and others; the ones located in the western part of Nashik taluka, have demanded separate talathis for their region. According to them, these specific talathis will aid the farmers in the loan process and other financial matters.

The villages in the western part are mainly tribal-dominated areas located far off from the city. As government offices and officials are appointed as per the population size, villagers face severe difficulty processing their documents and other works. With the rising population and irregularity of talathis and other officials, the loan cases of farmers have stalled.

In May and June month, farmers need money for seeds, fertilizers, and other expenses. They try to generate capital by leasing out their lands to cooperative banks. For the process, they require talathi, circle, or other officers for the legal work.

However, these officers aren’t available on time due to election work or other commitments, thus leaving the farmers by themselves. Therefore, farmers get perplexed while handling the loan process and documentation.

These farmers question the prolonged loan process and unavailability of talathis. The talathi in charge at Wadgaon visits only twice a week. If a public holiday arrives in the week, the farmers’ work gets delayed and leads to grave injustice on their part.

Villagers, along with Rajaram Kasbe, have demanded the government should focus on these important issues and appoint separate talathis for the villages in taluka’s western part.

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