Ancient Roman board games discovered in Pandav Leni

Ancient Roman board games discovered in Pandav Leni

NASHIK: Nashik has had historical significance since ancient times. Nashik was also famous as a trading center during the Satavahana dynasty. Cave No 8 has been found in the Trirashmi Caves (commonly known as Pandav Leni) in the Trirashmi Caves, a playground of Roman culture dating back to 2000 years, which adds to this historical document.

The history professor of Nashik HPT college’s Dr. Ramdas Bhong has documented an ancient game like ludo. The game has links to the Roman era and evidenced of the carved game have found in the cave

Dr. Bhong said that Nashik has a special significance in the history of India since ancient times. Nashik was known as an important trading center during the Satavahana dynasty, the first ruling dynasty in Maharashtra around 2nd century BC Dr. Bhong said that he came to India spontaneously along with Roman traders.

The game has an artistic line between six squares in a pair of twelve squares. This is known as the sacred line in Rome and Greece. The game is played by two players. Evidence of this game has been found in Greece, Rome, Bosnia, England, Turkey, etc. A similar fold has been found in caves in the Bhivkund area near Nagpur in Maharashtra.

Some subtle changes are seen in this strip. The line in the strip is flower shaped in some places. This line was found in Nashik in the shape of an arrow. This fold in Cave No. 8, which has just come to light, has become obscure in the course of time, so the center line is not visible.

Similarities of the Patta The microscopic observation of the carvings found in the caves of Nashik shows that different types of games showing similarity to the Patta are known by different names. The game has names like Sunpro Roku in Japan and Lensaki in Thailand. Structure of the lines on the board: Two lines of 12 squares and an ornate line in the center which is known as sacred line in Greece and Roman. This is where the game begins.

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