An increasing number of motorists opting for helmets

Counselling’s effect
An increasing number of motorists
opting for helmets

NASHIK: The Nashik City Police launched the ‘No Helmet, No Petrol’ rule in the city on 15th August to make motorists realise the importance of safety measures during riding. Along with the helmet rule, the city police brought up special counselling sessions for motorists riding without a helmet. Under this initiative, more than a thousand motorists have been counselled till date on the importance of wearing a helmet.

Out of the thousand counselled, 52 were women. To avoid injuries and save lives, the police came up with this initiative. When the rule of ‘No Helmet, No Petrol’ was implemented in the city, many motorists were still adamant about not wearing a helmet and were borrowing helmets from one another near the petrol pump just for the sake of refuelling. On noticing this pattern, the city police, traffic branch started inspecting the residents on road.

Instead of fining the rule breakers, they were sent to the Traffic Children’s Park in Tidke Colony. The inspection drive is conducted at two places of the city in a day. The police show a documentary at the park to the helmetless riders explaining the importance of helmets and their part in saving lives.

The initiative started on 9th September, and till 21st September, the city police successfully counselled a total of 1,035 people( 52 women). The initiative is surely proving to be a success as one can witness the number of motorists wearing helmets is increasing on city streets.

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