All information in one smart card for members

Kadwa Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd
All information in one smart card for members

NASHIK: Kadwa Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd (Kadwa Cooperative Sugar Factory) has created a smart card for the convenience of the members as they can get all the information related to their factory in one click. The cards were distributed to senior members Dattatreya Muralidhar Jadhav, Janardhan Ugle, Sand Gatkal, Gulab Jadhav, Vijay Aher, Rajaram Sonawane, Sadashiv Shelke, Vamanrao Kawle, Raghunath Jadhav by Chairman Sriram Shete, Vice Chairman Shivajirao Baste and the board of directors.

The said member smart card will be for the duration of membership, and once the smart card is issued to the members, there is no need for reissuance of a new card every year. One can get detailed information about sugarcane records, sugarcane stock, and bills with one click, i.e., by scanning the smart card’s QR code on their mobile phone.

One can even get the details of sugar purchased in their name and the remaining stock. The said smart card will be important to register attendance for the factory’s annual general meeting. Overall, the smart card will help the members to save their time, effort and expenses and will make it easier to get the information related to their factory.

The said card will be issued to every member, and all the members have been requested to submit their photo, Aadhaar card, and PAN card in the factory group office.

Chairman Shivajirao Baste, all directors, executive director Hemant Mane and all officers were present at the meeting. Kadwa factory will be the first factory to provide factory information to the members through smart cards.

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