All eyes on appointment of public representatives

Deolali Cantonment
All eyes on appointment of public representatives

Deolali Camp: The process of appointing a representative from the people on the Varied Board is underway in the cantonment boards across the country which terms expired on February 10, 2021. Such representatives have been appointed in 11 cantonment boards across the country, including three cantonments in Maharashtra.

Now the attention has shifted to Cantonment Board, Deolali. As per the gazette published by the Central Government on 4th October, as per the Cantonment Act, 2006, it has appointed civic representatives on 11 cantonment boards across the country, including Ahmednagar, Dehu road and Khadki cantonments in Maharashtra, The process of appointing such members on 49 cantonment boards is underway and it is understood that it will be completed by next week, the term of the appointed representatives will be till February 10, 2022.

It is also important to see that the extension is granted as per the provision. The Cantonment Board is governed by the Director General under the Ministry of Defense and 5 Command Offices across the country, As per the changes made in the Cantonment Act in 2006, now the state governments of the respective states have also directed the boards to provide funds for development works along with other local bodies.

Accordingly, the Deolali Cantonment Board has been provided Rs. 5 crore for the first time by the state government. There are indications through the All India Cantonment Federation that changes in the law will be made in the forthcoming winter session of Parliament to increase participation of people’s representatives and election for the post of Vice President will be held directly from the public which will empower councillors.

Election or extension

The extension is likely to be extended again after February 2022. Many have used their political weight to appoint members to the Varied Board from Deolali Camp.

Names in discussion

The names of senior councilors Baburao Mojad, Bhagwan Kataria, Kaveri Kasar, BJP state vice president (SC/ST) Pritam Adhav and Vrikshmitra Tanaji Bhor are being discussed for the post. Political experts said that the BJP would appoint his own workers with an eye on the elections.

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