Air quality satisfactory in Nashik: MPCB

Obstacles of the municipal corporation to Air Purification Inspection Centers
Air quality satisfactory in Nashik: MPCB

NASHIK: Nashik’s air quality is on the border of polluted air. If we don’t pay attention to this in time, it will not take long for the air of Nashik to become polluted. It was being said that the air level in Nashik, which was rapidly declining, was deteriorating day by day. However, according to the statistics of the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB), the quality of Nashik is satisfactory.

The plant to be set up by MPCB will collect information on PM10, PM2.5, CO, NO, NO2, NH3, ozone, VOC as well as temperature, humidity, solar radiation, wind speed and wind direction. This complete information will be made available by the plant at this centre. If the results suggest poor air quality, measures can be taken to improve it.

Five different locations in the city have been selected for setting up this air quality inspection system. One of them was to be located in the AIMA Recreation Center area. Bhumipujan of the project work was also done in that regard. The second centre will be set up on the premises of Guru Gobind Singh College. The third centre will be set up at Udyog Bhavan, the fourth at RTO Colony and the fifth at Ambad CQMS.

According to the survey report, carbon monoxide levels exceed the limit, mainly in the post-monsoon months (October to February). According to the reports from the centres set up at Aurangabad, Chandrapur and Nashik in Maharashtra, the carbon monoxide levels reported at the carbon monoxide testing centres were within the prescribed standards of 2/3.

In addition, it has been mentioned that Bandra, Nagpur, Pune and Solapur need to implement policies to reduce the rising levels of carbon monoxide in terms of carbon monoxide pollution.

NOC awaiting from NMC

Air quality control devices working 24 hours a day would be installed at 5 different places in the city. However, the Pollution Control Board said that these centres could not be set up as no objection certificate was issued by the Municipal Corporation.

Factors that degrade quality

The levels of carbon dioxide and particulate matter in the air (particulate matter 2.5 and 10) are many times higher than the standards set by the Central Pollution Control Board. The biggest contributor to air pollution is transportation. Nitrogen, sulfur, carbon and other elements are released into the air due to vehicle exhaust. As a result, citizens are suffering from itchy eyes, sore throat and skin diseases.

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