Age, gender no barrier for this sister duo

Distributing newspapers early morning to help their sick father
Age, gender no barrier for this sister duo

NASHIK: The Vidyarthi Sena wing of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena has felicitated sister duo Sakshi Bhosale and Suhani Bhosale for distributing newspapers door to door early in the morning daily despite adversities. The sister duo have made it a routine for themselves to get up early in the morning and distribute newspapers house to house on their bike in jail road area of Nashik Road by following all the restrictions and rules.

Nashik Road president of MNS, Nitin Dhanapune, state executive member Shashikant Chaudhary, Umesh Bhoi, Nashik Road vice president Sagar Dani,  Guddu Sheikh, Atharva Parve were present. Newspaper distributor Ravi Bhosle, who distributes newspapers from door to door at Jail Road area, has been providing uninterrupted services for many years, regardless of the weather, wind or rain.

His family has been running on it for many years. Unfortunately, Ravi’s accident a few days ago has made it difficult for him to walk. It has become difficult for him to distribute newspapers and to make both ends meet. His daughters Sakshi and Suhani, who are studying in schools and colleges, working hard to ensure that their father’s work did not stop. These girls now get up at five in the early morning regularly and distribute newspapers from house to house with great persistence.

At such a young age, these sisters’ timely help to their father is widely being appreciated in Jail Road area. Dhanapune asserted that the MNS has felicitated these little girls for saluting and encouraging them as they were doing this difficult task shoulder to shoulder with men. He said that the party has always stood firmly behind such children.

The common man is devastated by the pandemic. In addition, if a doer in the house falls ill, there is a big crisis in the house. A good example of the fact that girls are not inferior in terms of work, shoulder to shoulder with boys, can be seen in today’s society in the form of Bhosle sisters. This is what always seems to be the ideal.

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