After AYUSH advisory, demand for Arsenium Album 30 in Yeola
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After AYUSH advisory, demand for Arsenium Album 30 in Yeola

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


Even as most people continue to scramble for masks and sanitizers to protect themselves from the COVID-19-19 infection, legislators Darade brothers from Yeola have planned to distribute Arsenicum Album 30 homeopathic pills to one lakh people in Yeola following AYUSH Ministry’s claim that the drug can act as a “preventive” measure to the infection and a booster dose to enhance immunity.

This homeopathic drug is being distributed through Matoshri Homeopathy College. So far pills have been distributed to about 20,000 citizens in three days and it has been planned further to distribute pills to over one lakh citizens.

The homeopathic pills Arsenicum Album 30 CH have been approved by the Ministry of AYUSH as it claims that the drug enhances immunity and reduces the fear of corona as it prevents infection.

In this connection, MLA Narendra Darade and MLC Kishor Darade have taken initiative to distribute these pills through Matoshri Homeopathy Medical College with the aim of providing these homeopathic pills free of cost to the citizens including police personnel, various employees and businessmen. Coordinator Sunil Pawar is distributing the pills at Darade Petroleum every morning in the presence of Kunal Darade, general secretary of the medical college.

In the last three days, the citizens have also responded positively to the service by standing in queue and adhering to the social distancing norms. Kunal Darade said that the pills are being distributed to protect the citizens from viral infection as it helps boost immune system.

About 5,000 boxes have so far been distributed, with each box containing 40 to 50 tablets to meet the needs of a family. After chewing four tablets on an empty stomach for three days in a row in the morning, it has the benefit of boosting the body’s immune system.

Principal Dr. Sonal Mithawala, Dr. Archana Pawar, Dr. Reena Patel, Anita Ugle and Kamal Kukkar are working hard to make available the drug in sufficient quantity. Kunal Darade informed that the distribution of these pills will continue until in demand from the citizens.

In the meantime, days after suggesting homoeopathy and Unani medicines to prevent coronavirus, the Ministry of AYUSH has claimed that the advisory was issued in “general context” and is not a sure shot way to combat the deadly disease.

“The advisories only indicate general precautionary measures to be followed in the context of such viral diseases. These measures are advised based on the principles of approach in respective medical system to such viral diseases where respiratory involvement is evident. These advisories are neither claimed effective treatment for coronavirus nor suggested as a specific drug to combat the disease,” the ministry said in a statement.