Affected families in wait for financial aid

Oxygen leak incident
Affected families in wait for financial aid

NASHIK: The government had provided financial assistance to the heirs of patients who died in an oxygen leak accident at Dr Zakir Hussain Hospital. Now, on this backdrop, there is a picture of a dispute among heirs of the deceased. Parents who lost their sons in the accident have held a press conference and accused in laws of embezzling government aid money. Therefore, the dispute between the concerned heirs has come to the fore.

In the second wave of corona, patients had to struggle for oxygen in private as well as government hospitals. In April, while experiencing a shortage of oxygen, the oxygen tank at Dr Zakir Hussain Hospital was leaked. It was the unfortunate end of 22 patients in the COVID-19 ward. A total of Rs 10 lakh financial assistance, Rs 5 lakh each by NMC and Govt was announced to the legal heirs of the deceased.

In just one week, cheques of Rs 5 lakh each were distributed to the heirs of 17 out of 22 patients through the Chief Minister’s Assistance Fund. However, this financial help has created a big problem in the family of Lata Peersingh Mahale of Jail Road. Mahale has made a serious allegation that her daughter in law has transferred all money with fake documents.

Due to this, the administrative system has also gone awry. On the basis of these documents, the Mahale family submitted a statement to District Collector Suraj Mandhare and Commissioner of Police Deepak Pandey stating that daughter in law had taken all the help from the government aid and transferred the funds to her account.

Technical glitches

Financial aid cheques have been issued to the heirs of 17 patients who died in the oxygen accident. However, two months after the accident, the heirs of the five deceased have not been identified yet. Due to non-compliance of technical matters, distribution of cheques to the concerned is getting delayed.

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