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Advance Rescue Team, Voice of Voiceless : East Forest Division forms special animal rescue team

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


The district of Nashik has become an insecure place for wildlife. Encounters of man and animal are increasing, as residential areas are penetrating the green covers. In the last three years, a higher number of cases has been registered of the man-animal conflict. Deaths of wildlife have been registered due to various reasons. Deaths due to drowning in well, roadkill and animal hit by running train are topping the list in the district. Death incidents include the endangered species like leopard, hyena, wolf and soft-shell turtle too.

The highways are becoming deathtrap to these wild animals. The speedy vehicles are proving themselves as death to an animal. It has been observed that the people do not bother about animal after hitting them. No such case has come across in which, one who hit the animal has called the forest department for help.

To change this scenario, East Forest Division of Nashik Forest Circle has taken a step forward and has founded Advanced Rescue Team (ART). The team includes specially trained 25 forest personnel. The team has been equipped with the number of advanced types of equipment and facilities. It has also been allotted a separate office. They will be appointed for quick action in case of a wildlife emergency.

The team was much needed in the district like Nashik as most of the tehsils are tribal area with forest reserved lands and population is very much agricultural depended. The rescue team is expected to resolve the issue or at least put the graph down.

Special Equipment

This Advanced Rescue Team will be truly advanced with different types of equipments. The team has been provided with a special fund of Rs 60 lakh. The equipments will include two special cages, two surgical tables, four blowpipes, tranquillizer gun, four-wire ladders, two steel ladders, one telescope, 20 fibre shields, five special trap cages, four binoculars, eight headlamps, four light beams, seven camera traps, megaphone, 12 first aid kits, 25 special kits, two sets of postmortem medical kit and many other equipments. A special rescue van will be provided to the team very soon.

Separate Identity to ART

The Advanced Rescue Team will have its separate identity in the forest department. The rescue persons will have a different uniform from the regular Khaki of the department.  The forest guards from every range of Nashik Forest Circle have been selected in the team. They will be trained for every emergency situation. Special training camps will be held for the team in said intervals.

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