Administration raises alert on Delta variant

Administration raises alert on Delta variant

NASHIK: In a worrying development, 30 people in Nashik have been found infected with the Delta variant of coronavirus. A news agency quoted a doctor at district hospital, who said a majority of the patients were from rural area. “30 people have been infected with Delta variant in Nashik. 28 patients are from rural areas. 2 patients are from Gangapur and Sadique Nagar. Several patients are from Sinnar, Yeola, Nandgaon, Niphad as well,” it quoted Dr Kishore Shrinivas, surgeon at the District Civil Hospital, as saying.

He also added that the samples were sent for genome sequencing to Pune, where they tested positive for the Delta variant. Dr Shrinivas then advised the people of the area to “take precautions, sanitise, wear masks and follow social distancing norms”. In view of this, the administration has taken precautionary measures in this regard. The Delta variant has been detected in the district at a time when the district has recently relaxed the Corona restrictions.

The administration has also appealed to citizens not to panic while taking precautions. Tracing of citizens traveling in the district where the patients have been found will be carried out. The border villages of Sinnar, Niphad and Yeola talukas will be subjected to thermal scanning and antigen testing if required by the Zilla Parishad. In addition, central oxygen facilities have been set up at primary health centers and sub-district hospitals in the district.

Meanwhile, in the months of June-July, 155 samples of RT-PCR within the city value of 25 were sent to the laboratory in Pune. After receiving their report, Delta variant has been found in Sinnar, Niphad, Yeola as well as in some patients in the city. Symptoms appear in the first four days in patients infected with this variant. It also spreads widely in a very short period of time. In this regard, the administration will screen the families of the patients who have been diagnosed with it as well as the citizens of the place who have traveled during the relevant period.

While the second wave of corona is under control, the Delta variant has once again raised concerns. So far, more than 40 Delta Plus patients have been diagnosed in the country. Most of these patients have been found in Maharashtra. In Nashik, however, the delta was not infiltrated.

Considering the state, Ratnagiri district has the highest number of 9 Delta Plus patients. 7 patients have been found in Jalgaon and 2 in Mumbai. Of course, since Delta and Delta Plus are two different variants, Delta variant has been found in Nashik. Now that the delta has infiltrated in the district, the administration is worried. It is feared that this altered form of the corona virus could lead to a third wave.

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