Administration gears up for Census 2021 through mobile app
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Administration gears up for Census 2021 through mobile app

Nikheel Pardeshi

Teachers to be deputed, work begins from April 1

NASHIK: Come April, the census officers visiting households will ask citizens for information regarding toilets in their homes, TV, internet, vehicles they own, source of drinking water, mobile number (of the head of the family) etc.
The 2-phase census exercise — to be conducted through mobile app — will begin on April 1 (2020) this year and end on 30th September (2020) and the second phase will begin in March 2021, moving away from the traditional pen and paper.

Following the National Voter Verification drive of which the deadline is ending on February 29, teachers in the district will “reluctantly” have to shoulder another responsibility of the census work. A workshop on Census work was organised yesterday at Niyojan Bhavan in the district collectorate here for concerned officials to introduce them about nature of the census, form filling and mobile app.

The central government will also carry out the National Population Register (NPR) exercise along with the houselisting phase of the census. The Modi-regime is targeting September 2020 deadline to update the NPR which is a list of usual residents of the country.

The Enumerators will also seek other details from the households during the houselisting phase of this census process beginning April 1. The census officials have been instructed to ask as many as 31 questions from every household during both houselisting and housing census exercises.

The notification, however, made it clear that the mobile number will be sought only for census-related communications and not for any other purpose. The other information that will be sought from every household is: whether the family owns a telephone, mobile phone, smartphone, bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, moped, car or jeep or van, radio or transistor, television, laptop or computer or has access to the internet.

Information will be sought on building number (municipal or local authority or census number), census house number, predominant material of the floor, wall and roof of the census house, use of census house, condition of the census house, household number, total number of persons normally residing in the household, name of the head of the household and the person’s sex.

The numerators will ask whether the head of the household belongs to a SC or ST or Other category, ownership status of the census house, number of dwelling rooms exclusively in possession of the household, number of married couple(s) living in the household, main source of drinking water, availability of drinking water source and main cereal consumed in the household.

Questions related to the main source of lighting, whether the family has access to a toilet, the type of toilet, wastewater outlet, availability of bathing facility, availability of kitchen and LPG/PNG connection and main fuel used for cooking will also be asked by the enumerators, the notification said.