Addtl 5 MLD water supply to city

Summer heat
Addtl 5 MLD water supply to city

NASHIK: Due to the rising temperatures, Nashik Municipal Corporation is discharging additional 5 millions of litres of per day water from the dams every day to cater to the need of Nashikities. 120 MLD of water from the Shivajinagar filtration plant and 130 MLD from Mukne Dam were being discharged daily to aid the residents. The discharge has now increased by 4 MLD and 10 MLD of water from the Shivajinagar plant and Mukne Dam respectively.

Due to the abundant rainfall last year in the district and city, the dams have satisfactory storage in mid-May. The increased discharge within the corporation’s limits will save Nashikites from water scarcity. The scorching heat has made the summer season unbearable for Nashikites.

Even though the rains have entered various sections of the state, the city still awaits the rainy season. Due to the satisfactory rainfall, there’s no water shortage in Gangapur and Mukne dams. The additional 5 MLD will help Nashikites quench their thirst and prevent the water shortage in the city.

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