Aadhaar linking of 5.38 lakh ration beneficiaries pending

Term extended till Feb 10th
Aadhaar linking of 5.38 lakh ration beneficiaries pending

Nashik : The government has given an extension till February 10 to link Aadhaar and mobile numbers to the ration card. But, still, 5.38 lakh beneficiaries in the district have not linked their Aadhaar number. The government had earlier given an extension till January 31st. During this period, 54, 583 card holders have linked their Aadhaar number.

Those who failed to link their Aadhaar card and mobile number in the given term, their ration will be discontinued. The Department of Food and Supplies has decided to computerise the public supply system to ensure that the benefit of cheap foodgrains is given to the needy beneficiaries as well as linking of the beneficiaries. Cardholders have been given time to link their Adhaar number throughout January. Ration shopkeepers are also concerned about this.

At present, there are 1.34 lakh Antyodaya card holders in the district and 8.50 lakh are from BPL families. Of these, 98.67 per cent card holders have linked their Aadhaar number. Around 86 per cent work regarding this has been done unit wise.

In the last month, from January 1st to 31st, 54, 583 people have linked their Aadhaar number and 5.38 lakh card holders have still not linked their Addhar number. They are provided with food grains without linking Aadhaar. Therefore, card holders have been given the last date for linking till February 10.

If the linking is not done in time, the benefit of cheap food grains will be stopped from April 1. The number of true ration card distributed by the supply department through this campaign will be identified. So, it is important to link the card holder through Aadhaar verification.

“Beneficiaries should link their mobile number and Aadhaar number with a ration card. Last date for this February 10th. Onwards, Aadhaar number will not be linked. Those beneficiaries who fail to link their Aadhaar number do not get food gran. Card holders should visit the ration shop and link their Aadhaar.

- Dr. Arvind Narsikar, district supply officer

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