A story of two leopards : One dies in hit &run ....other injured in a fight

A story of two leopards : One dies in hit &run ....other injured in a fight


It was a story of two leopards on Saturday when one leopard injured in a hit and run case in Wadivhare sccumbed to his injuries while another injured in a fight with another leopard was rescued in Padali in Sinnar and is being treated.

On Friday, November 18, 2022 around 7 pm, a leopard was grievously injured, after being hit by an unknown vehicle, near Wadivarhe on the Mumbai-Agra highway.

The leopard’s leg was severely injured and it was unable to move. Some motorist on the highway informed the Forest Department about the accident. Citizens also gathered in large numbers to see the injured leopard.

The forest dept responded to the call and the injured leopard was immediately taken into custody and moved to the veterinary hospital for medical care; however it did not survive the injuries and died.

Meanwhile, in Padali village of Sinnar taluka a fight between two leopards resulted in one being severely injured. The injured leopard sought shelter in a cattle shed of a farm of Balu Patole. The other ran away into the fields. While the fight took palce during the day and the gravely injured leopard, in an attempt to save it self from the attack of the other, sought shelter in the corner of the cattle shed.

It was when Patole’s son Gopinath went to the bran to feed water to the cattle that he saw the leopard entering the shed. He immediately informed the villagers about this incident. The villagers called forest department and they placed three cages near the shed. The leopard was rescued around 2 pm and carried to safety for treatment.

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