A school like no other!

Learning made fun
A school like no other!

NASHIK: Smiling, inquisitive, confident, and heartwarming is what describes the children of the Zilla Parished Primary School in Phangdar Gaon, Khamkheda, Deola Taluka. Located a few kilometres from Khamkheda Village, the school is situated on a rocky mountain patch turned green with the initiative of teachers and students. The breathtaking view of the school is a delight for villagers, students, and visitors. The rocky patch turned green also invites birds as the teachers and students have hung up bottles filled with food and water for them.

Innovative teaching techniques, special attention to each child and a ‘play-way’ method is what teachers Khandu More and Sanjay Gunjal believe in while teaching their children.

The schools’ batteries function on a solar system, thus saving electricity. The school has projectors to help children learn better. It even has a computer lab for children to keep up their pace with the digital era. A modern technology-based school filled with innovative teaching methods establishes the school’s base.

The students of this school are way ahead in learning and experimenting with new techniques. Both the teachers have trained students so well that they cover 75% syllabus by teaching each other. These teachers don’t believe in the formal classroom structure, thus avoiding using benches in school.

According to them, sitting together improves the connection between students and teachers, and a reduced physical distance helps in concentrating better on each student.

Students of classes I and II can spell a variety of names as they’ve been trained using phonetics. Students of classes III and IV can read values till kharab in the Indian Numbering System and multiply four-digit numbers as well. Various institutions have provided financial aid to this school after witnessing the sharp mind of children and their unmatched grasping power. With correct guidance and unique learning, these children have proved themselves in every field.

A play-way method

Teachers of this school strongly believe in the ‘play-way’ method to train children. They have created special trays filled with educational aid to improve the cognitive abilities of these children. From using pebbles to teach numbering to creating jumbled alphabets’ cards for children to create new words, the teachers have put in various efforts to help their children develop in life and achieve their dreams. From poems to stories, children recite every passage with utmost confidence and determination. An initiative was also made by the teachers to introduce these children to foreign languages like French.


Students who study in this school are the children of villagers, farmers, and field labourers. Their parents provide utmost support to the teachers and motivate their children to study in this school. They are thankful to teachers who put their heart and soul into creating a smarter generation. As Khandu More belongs to Phangdar Village, he wants to develop the children of this area into better individuals and provide them with all the educational help they deserve. Sanjay Gunjal travels all the way to teach these children as he voluntarily teaches them with utmost honesty and determination, with a view to help them become better individuals.

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