A salute to gurus of our lives

Teachers' Day
A salute to gurus of our lives

NASHIK: World Teacher’s Day is celebrated every year on 5th September to honour the gurus of our lives who impart education and train us to become better human beings in life. The theme of the year is “Young Teachers: Future of the Profession.”

The day is celebrated on 5th September as Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishan took oath as the second President of India on this date. His students approached him to celebrate this date as a special day, and Radhakrishan requested them to observe this day as the teacher’s day. From childhood, after our parents, it is the teachers who take care of us.

They are also known as our second set of parents because they wish the best for us and keep motivating us throughout our lives. On this beautiful day, Deshdoot Times interviewed some students on what do their teachers mean to them.

Serving amid the pandemic

“Even though our teachers weren’t being paid enough, they continued to teach us throughout the pandemic because they know the value of education. They were struggling financially but never left us alone during these hard times. The screen time increased the eye strain for everyone. The students complained about it, but the teachers stayed silent.” - Aditya Shukla

Students above all

“My mom is the principal of Dhondi Road School in Deolali, and I have seen her prioritizing the students at every given point. She cooks food on one side and checks documents on the other. The other day, she was ill and still interviewed the new sets of teachers because she wanted the best for her students.” - Sophia Francis

Selfless Service

“Teachers not only impart education, but they also ready us to achieve all the goals in life. I remember one of our teachers retired and still used to come to teach for free because she wanted to share her knowledge with as many students as possible.” - Manish Bhatt

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