A festival synonymous with happiness

A festival synonymous with happiness

Diwali is synonymous with happiness and togetherness. We eat our hearts out and later cringe about all the weight gained. The festival is supposed to be a stress buster for everyone with all kinds of activities done throughout the time. Cleaning the house, meeting and greeting people, cooking all the favourite faral and other activities done during this period helps in spending quality time with family. Cooking is known as an antidepressant and a bonding of happiness.

However, there is a relief of hand, as we can celebrate the festival without unwanted weight gain, digestion complaints like acidity, bloating and gases, with a little bit of planning. Diwali faral prepared in pure ghee, grains, dals & pulses, spices, dry fruits, jaggery give essential nutrients and boost our happy hormones as well.

Prefer homemade faral to the packaged or processed food that comes with preservatives, colouring agents, additives; and is made in poor quality oil. Relish your favourites but follow these simple tips to avoid unnecessary guilt. The trick is little mindful eating, little physical activity, and sufficient amount of water.

 • Calculate your water consumption- Weight/2

E.g.- If a person weighs 60 kg, 60÷2= 30, add decimal i.e., 3.0, so a person should be drinking 3 litre water during the day.

 • 1/4th of total water consumption should come from Kokum water/Lemon water/Coconut water/Buttermilk/Aambil/Solkadhi. If you follow the water routine, then you won’t have acidity, gas, bloating, or constipation problem.

 • Exercise for at least 30-45 min

Any kind of physical activity to be done, either a simple walk or any preferred game with family and friends. Generally, we tend to play games like carrom, cards, snake and ladders, instead, we can play games like badminton/cricket/football.

 • Mind your portion size and timing

Along with your meal, try not to have faral to avoid unnecessary overeating. Instead, have faral between meals as a snack. Don’t have sweets and fried foods in the same meal. Fix your preferences and plan your meal accordingly.

 • Do not skip any meal

This step will end up making you eat a lot more in the next meal. Let’s celebrate this Diwali without post-Diwali guilt and disappointment. Enjoy this festival of warmth with your loved ones boosting the emotional health and happiness of an individual.

Article By: Rashmi Gaurav Somani ( MS.c RD ), Clinical Nutritionist & Obesity Mgt

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