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UDAN Service|98 passengers avail UDAN service
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98 passengers avail UDAN service

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


Alliance Air's air service connecting various cities in the country is being started effectively from yesterday. Once again, passengers from Nashik will be able to take 'flights' by air.

Alliance Air has started a service connecting Nashik to three cities. Hyderabad-Nashik-Pune, Hyderabad-Nashik-Ahmedabad and Ahmedabad-Nashik-Pune services have been operationalised.

Alliance Air officials were confident that the service, under the regional connectivity scheme, would get a good response as there was a minimum rate under the service initiative. And it turned out to be true.

On the first day, 19 passengers had come from Hyderabad for Nashik. Ten passengers had taken air route from Hyderabad for Ahmedabad. The plane carried 11 passengers from Nashik to Ahmedabad.

Seventeen passengers landed in Nashik from Ahmedabad, six from Nashik to Pune and 10 from Ahmedabad. A total of 16 passengers left for Pune.

According to airport sources, 11 passengers from Pune to Nashik took advantage of the service, while three passengers from Nashik to Hyderabad and 23 passengers from Nashik took advantage of the service yesterday.

The flight service is getting a good response from Nashikites and there is a need to create awareness about this. Citizens have to arrange their own vehicles to travel to different cities and the lack of other arrangements is giving more impetus to the airline service.
Manish Rawal, officer