8,22,759 lakh citizens vaccinated in district

8,22,759 lakh citizens vaccinated in district

NASHIK: A total of 8,22,759.citizens were administered the Covid-19 vaccine in the district so far, while a total of 8,914 citizens got the second dose on Wednesday. Covaxine is being given only to those citizens above 45 years whose second dose is pending. There is a demand for vaccine in the city and district.

Due to insufficient supply, the district is facing its shortage. The vaccination was started in the district and country since January 16, 2021. As there is a shortage of the vaccine, many vaccination centres were shut. Half of the centres were closed on Wednesday due to insufficient supply.

The vaccination was going on at a total of 65 centres including five NMC centres. As a result, a total of 4,275 were given the first dose throughout the day on Wednesday. Among them 849 citizens from the NMC limit, 3,100 from rural parts and 123 from Malegaon. On the other hand, 4,639 citizens were administered the second dose and 659 citizens in the age group of 18-44 were given the vaccine.

Vaccination status in district so far

Cateogory 1st dose 2nd dose Total

Govt employees 1,27,917 57,053 1,84,970

45-60 age group 2,71,452 48,811 3,20,263

Above 60 yrs 2,39,215 62,875 3,02,090

Above 18 yrs 14,313 123 14,436

Total doses 6,52,897 1,68,862 8,21,756

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