800 dogs sterilized in a month

Nashik Municipal Corporation
800 dogs sterilized in a month
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NASHIK: The animal husbandry department of Nashik Municipal Corporation cancelled the contract of the previous organisation on failing to sterilize the city’s stray dogs satisfactorily. The corporation floated a fresh tender to hire a new organisation, and Sharan for Animals, the city’s non-governmental organisation, was hired by the corporation to sterilize city dogs. The organisation initiated their work on April 11, and in a month, it managed to sterilize 800 stray dogs.

The corporation initiated the sterilization of dogs to control their birth rate. However, the work was paused in December. The work was halted due to the unsatisfactory performance of the previous organisation and frequent complaints from Nashikites. Two vehicles of the Sharan organisation roam in all the six divisions of the city daily. They pick up dogs from areas where the dogs’ population is high and if majority of them haven’t been sterilized.

The corporation initiated the sterilization drive in 2007, and they conducted the procedure at the corporation’s building at Old Jakat Naka in Viholi. Over the last 14 years, they have managed to sterilize 78,000 stray dogs.

The previous organisation had sterilized 7,988 dogs in 11 months. The procedure includes catching dogs from their area, conducting the operation, and after three days, releasing them in the area they were caught from.

The veterinary medical department of Nashik Municipal Corporation halted the work from November 17, 2021. The decision came after registering frequent complaints during the tenure of the previous organisation. Since the hiring of Sharan, the number of complaints from the residents has declined.

Even the online complaints registered a declining graph. However, the population of dogs might rise in the rainy season. The organisation needs to sterilize the dogs regularly to safeguard the dogs’ and residents’ health.

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