7,385 helmetless riders appear for test in 52 days

7,385 helmetless riders appear for test in 52 days

NASHIK: To discipline unruly motorists and motivate them to wear a helmet while riding, the Nashik City Police is conducting an exam consisting of 10 questions at 12 centres across the city. Any person caught riding without a helmet shall need to appear for the test. From November 1, 2021, to December 22, 2021, a total of 7,385 riders appeared for the exam and were counselled by the police department.

Once caught, the police confiscates their vehicle, and the owners get their motorcycle back once they clear the exam. Through various initiatives like ‘no helmet, no petrol’, ‘no helmet, no cooperation’, and others, the city police is trying to educate Nashikities on the ill effects of riding without a helmet. From August 15, 2021, to October 30, 2021, 31 men and five women died in 31 fatal accidents.

Their death could’ve been averted if they rode with a helmet. Even after several counselling sessions, exams, and various initiatives, the public continues to ride without a helmet, thus ignoring the police’s initiatives.

Commissioner of Police Deepak Pandey has appealed to all to follow the norms and keep themselves and everyone else safe. He added that wearing a helmet shall benefit the citizens and not the police. Police care of Nashikities, and thus, comes up with stricter norms to prevent fatal accidents.

Licence to be revoked

The city traffic department has issued a notice to prevent fatal accidents. From January 18, 2022, if any motorist is caught riding without a helmet in the city’s traffic spots, counselling centres, or government officers, an e-challan of Rs.500 will be issued against him.

If the same rider is caught twice, the fine shall increase from Rs.500 to Rs.1000. If the person refuses to pay the fine, the police department will confiscate their vehicle and return it once the wrongdoer pays the fine.

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