719 get learner’s licence online

719 get learner’s licence online

NASHIK: A total of 719 applicants so far get learners’ licence through the online initiative introduced by the Nashik Regional Transport Office (RTO). A total of 904 applicants appeared for the online test and 185 failed the test. Meanwhile, the Regional Transport Office has been receiving complaints of irregularities in the online learning licence process, which have been recently introduced for the convenience of the citizens. The RTO has warned to take legal action in this regard.

Applicants had to appear in person at the Regional Transport Office to appear for the test examination to get the learning licence. In the wake of the Covid-19 epidemic, the transport department has introduced the facility to get this test and learner’s licence online since June 14. This has enabled the applicant to get the learner’s licence by appearing for the online test at home.

So far, about 904 applicants have benefited from this system, and out of them, 719 applicants have obtained learner’s licence at home. However, the transport office has received complaints that the other person than the candidate is appearing for this test at some places. Therefore, legal action will be taken against the applicants, concerned person, unauthorized persons, Maha e-service centres and motor driving training schools for misuse of these online facilities.

The office will take stern action against those guilty, who will be permanently ineligible to hold a licence under Section 19 (e) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, Bharat Kalaskar, Regional Transport Officer has warned.

According to the previous year’s statistics, the passing percentage of the applicants who had appeared for the learner’s licence test in the office was 87%, and the failure percentage was only 13%. Therefore, the applicant is required to take the learner’s licence test without any fear, taking help from others. The system allows an applicant to appear for the online test multiple times.

"Applicants are required to appear for the learner’s licence test prescribed as per the central motor vehicle rules. Learner’s licence is issued only to that applicant who pass the test. During the test for a permanent licence, applicants will be subjected to an oral test to know whether they are aware of the traffic rules and symbols or not. The test of only eligible applicants will be conducted to issue the permanent licence. Citizens should report to the regional transport office if they find out that someone is obtaining a learner’s licence misusing the online system." - Bharat Kalaskar, Regional Transport Officer, Nashik

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