680 labourers in 21 shelter homes: Administration preparing for their safe journey
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680 labourers in 21 shelter homes: Administration preparing for their safe journey

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


After hundreds of labourers from Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh who were stranded here since enforcement of the lockdown, reaching their native villages by special trains, now there are as many as 680 workers are left at 21 shelter homes in the district. Earlier, more than 1,800 labourers had taken shelter in 27 relief camps.

After the enforcement of the lockdown, hundreds of workers, mostly from Mumbai,  Navi Mumbai, Thane and Pune had set out towards North India on foot along the highways of Nashik-Pune, Nashik-Mumbai. These labourers in hundreds were walking towards their native places neglecting social distancing.

They were at risk of corona infection. In view of this, as per the instructions of the state government, these labourers were provided shelter by the district administration. More than 1800 labourers were sheltered in 27 shelter camps. The district administration had arranged breakfast and two meals per day for them. The workers were also provided with a health check-up facility in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The central government had arranged a special train for these stranded labourers to help them reach to their native villages. On May 1, altogether 385 labourers hailing from Madhya Pradesh and more than 800 labourers from Uttar Pradesh were sent back to their villages by special train.

As a result, the number of labourers in the shelter homes has reduced drastically. Now there are 21 shelter homes in the district in which 680 labourers have been sheltered. It includes 530 labourers, 82 women and 68 children.

The administration is providing them with all the necessities of life. Efforts are being made by the district administration to relocate the remaining labourers to their villages.

No. of labourers in shelters:
Maharashtra – 390
Uttar Pradesh – 131
Madhya Pradesh – 63
Rajasthan – 51
Bihar – 13
Gujarat – 7