67% water stock in district dams

Gangapur Dam
Gangapur Dam


The catchment areas of dams are receiving good rain as against Nashik city which is still short of good rainfall. Due to persisent rain in the catchment area of the district dams, the water storage in the dams has risen gradually to 67 per cent yesterday. The water storage in Gangapur Dam, which supplies water to Nashik city, is stable at 91% for the last one week.

Discharge of water was continued from seven reserviours. From Punegaon dam, the discharge was continued at 75 cusecs, from Darna 1400 cusecs, Bhavli 135 cusecs, Valdevi 65, Chankapur 213, Haranbari 95 and Kelzar at 30 cusecs.

Last year on August 31, the stock in the dams was 96 per cent, but this year the water level is 67 per cent, a significant deficit of 29 per cent compared to the previous year.

There are a total of 24 projects in the district including seven major projects and 17 medium projects. All these projects together have 44315 million cubic feet or 67 per cent of the remaining water reserves.

As the month of June witnessed a dry spell, rain was expected in the month of July. Accordingly, in the first week of July, some catchment areas including Gangapur have been receiving good rain, resulting in consistent rise in water level. Thus it seems that the crisis of water cuts in the city is averted for now.

There has been a gradual increase in the water storage over the last few weeks and for the past few days, the rain has taken a break in the western part of the district including Gangapur dam. Therefore, the current water storage in Gangapur dam is maintained at 91 per cent, last year it was 95%.

Considering the Gangapur dam complex, the current water storage is 80 per cent and last year it was 97 per cent on the same day.

While by the end of August 31 last year, the amount of rain in the district was quite high. Therefore, there was 96 per cent water storage in all the reservoirs in the district.

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