60,000 doses @ Cantt. hospital

Doctors appeal to public to follow SMS
60,000 doses @ Cantt. hospital

DEOLALI CAMP: As the vaccination drive in the country completed a year on January 16, 2022, Cantonment General Hospital successfully administered 60,307 vaccine doses (Covaxin and Covishield) to citizens. The hospital served as a DCHC (Dedicated Covid Healthcare Centre) for almost one and half years and even received an award from the Defence Ministry for its exceptional services in both waves.

Even in the vaccination drive, Cantonment General Hospital has left no stone unturned to provide efficient services to citizens. From running a 12-hour long vaccination campaign for teenagers to conducting a vaccination marathon to vaccinate as many as possible in a single day, the hospital took care of all the age groups.

The hospital provides treatment to residents of Deolali Camp, Sansari Village, Bhagur, Vijaynagar, and even to villagers of other 52 surrounding villages. It provided vaccines to everyone at zero cost or minimal charges (Rs.5 to Rs.10). Earlier, the hospital used to receive only 100 doses. With time, the number of dose supplies increased; and the hospital started vaccinating a larger section of people.

As per the information provided by the hospital’s staff, more than 50% of Deolali Camp’s population is vaccinated at present. A total of 27,446 citizens took the first dose, while 22,417 citizens got fully vaccinated within a year. A total of 50,041 citizens got their doses from camp, and the hospital even administered 178 booster doses.

10,307 vaccinated at Shigwa Village

While 50,041 citizens got their doses from Cantonment General Hospital, 10,307 were vaccinated at Shigwa Gaon Primary Health Centre by Cantonment staff workers.

“Citizens need to follow SMS (Social distancing, sanitation, and mask) to protect themselves from the third wave. Even though many have been fully vaccinated, it is advised to still adhere to the guidelines as precautions is better than cure.” - Dr. Shahu Patil

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