530 MHADA houses ready in Nashik

Adgaon, Pathardi, Makhmalabad have highest 410 houses
530 MHADA houses ready in Nashik
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Nashik: Nashik Housing and Regional Development Board of MHADA has constructed a total of 530 houses in Pathardi, Adgaon, Makhmalabad, Panchak, Chehedi and Shrirampur in Ahmednagar district.The MHADA has launched a first come first served scheme for the sale of these houses.

The income limit for submission of applications for very low, low and middle-income group flats, as well as the requirement to submit other documents, has been relaxed. However, the applicant is required to submit proof of residency in Maharashtra.

As per the rules, some of the flats in this scheme are reserved for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Nomadic Castes and Deprived Castes. Applicants in the reserved group are required to submit a caste validity certificate. Reservation details will be made available at the place of sale.

These housing schemes in Nashik and Ahmednagar districts have received occupancy certificates and will be available to the citizens at affordable rates as goods and services tax is not applicable.

A deposit of Rs 5,000 will be levied for the lowest income group, Rs 10,000 for the low-income group and Rs 15,000 for the middle-income group. Applications are available in the office of the property manager, Nashik Housing and Regional Development Board house, Ram Ganesh Gadkari Chowk, Nashik.

MHADA has appealed to those who are interested to take advantage of these schemes.Box170 flats in AdgaonFor the middle-income group, there are 80 flats available in Makhmalabad, 90 flats in Adgaon, 67 flats in Pathardi and seven flats in Mhasrul.

There are 70 flats available in Adgaon and 55 flats in Panchak for the low-income group. A single one-room kitchen flat and 48 one BHK flats are available in Adgaon for the low-income group.

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