50 per cent salary for MSRTC employees
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50 per cent salary for MSRTC employees

Opposition from the workers union

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


The lockdown has lapsed the financial calculations of the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC). To match this, MSRTC has decided to pay 50 per cent salary to the employees.

However, this decision has been opposed by the MSRTC workers' union. The state government has given Rs. 270 crore to MSRTC as compensation for its concessions.

As a result, the salaries of the employees were slashed. However, on Wednesday, the administration decided that 50% of the salary for the month of May will be given.

Measures are being taken to overcome the financial crisis due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. The lockdown started on March 23 and in that period MSRTC has not earned any transportation revenue. As a result, it’s revenue declined significantly.

Therefore, MSRTC is planning to postpone the expenditure by stricter measures. It has started partial bus service in non-red zone areas by government order. This has made it difficult to meet the cost of diesel and wages.

Considering the financial situation of MSRTC, it has been decided to pay 50 per cent of the total salary of the employees and officers for the month of May, that is 15 days' total salary.

Therefore, only 50 per cent salary will be paid for the month of May, such instructions have been given by the Financial Advisor and Chief Accounts Officer of ST Corporation. Salary of MSRTC employees is paid on 7th of every month.

MSRTC worker union has said that the salary for the month of May has not been paid even after June 24. The employees and their families are starving due to this.

They have to face many difficult situations. Out of Rs 270 crore received from the government as arrears, Rs 249 crore will be required from the state government for the compensation of MSRTC concessions.

So, what is going to be done with the remaining amount. MSRTC has been asked by the workers union when the remaining 50% of the salaries of MSRTC employees will be paid.