45 army officers get Aviation Wings at CATS
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45 army officers get Aviation Wings at CATS

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


As many as forty-five Indian Army officers were on Saturday awarded the coveted Aviation Wings, to become combat helicopter pilots after having successfully completed the Combat Aviators Course.

Combat Army Aviation Training School (CATS) located at Gandhi Nagar Airfield, Nashik Road is the alma-mater of the Army Aviation Corps. It is the premier flying training institution of the Indian Army, which functions under the aegis of Army Training Command (ARTRAC), Shimla.

The Combat Aviators Course is the second phase of flying training. During the course, the officers underwent rigorous flying training over a period of seventeen weeks. The flying training was carried out with all Covid-19 precautions.

At the valedictory ceremony, officers who were outstanding in various disciplines were awarded trophies to acknowledge their achievements.

Capt Omkar Lokhande won the ‘Silver Cheetah’ trophy for standing First in the Overall Order of Merit, Capt Suraj Fartyal won ‘Capt SK Sharma’ trophy for Best in Flying and Capt Omkar Lokhande won the ‘AOP-35’ trophy for standing First in Ground Subjects.

The ‘Fledgling Trophy’ for standing First in PAPC was won by Capt Harpreet Singh Arneja and the ‘Capt PK Gour’ trophy for Best in Gunnery was won by Capt Suraj Fartyal.