40% water stock in district dams

Several parts of district stare at scarcity
40% water stock in district dams

NASHIK: With water stock in the district dams receding to 40 per cent at the end of April, several parts of the district are likely to be hit by a water shortage. There are signs of increasing water scarcity in the district. Gangapur Dam, an important dam supplying water to the city, has only 47% water left.

The district has entered in the last day of sweltering April month which experienced mercury soaring as high as 41.1 degrees which is highest in this season. There are still two months to go in which water crisis may looms large. So until then, maintaining water level is going to be a big challenge.

In the meantime, nine out of 24 dams in the district have less water storage than last year. As the heat intensified, the risk of water scarcity is also increases. This year’s summer is getting unbearable now and its intensity is increasing day by day. As a result, water scarcity is being felt in many places in rural areas. Due to increasing demand for water, useful water reserves in dams are declining.

There are a total of 24 medium and large dams in the district with a storage capacity of 65,664 million cubic feet (mcft). On April 29 last year, these dams had a deficient of 24366 mcft (37%) of usable water. This year, the amount of water has increased to 25963 mcft or 40 percent.

The district administration is facing the challenge of utilising the available water stock for the next two and a half months. Nine dams have less water than last year.

Therefore, water scarcity is likely to intensify in the areas dependent largely on these dams. It is being appealed to the citizens to use water sparingly as it is a big challenge for the administration to maintain supply of water for another two and a half months.

Authority to SDMs

Sub divisional magistrates on taluka level have been authorised to provide tanker water 'on demand' to the scarcity hit villages. Many parts of the district are experiencing water scarcity. Earlier There were six tankers on April 13th. Yesterday (April 29) this number has increased four times to 25 in the district. As a result, water scarcity is being felt in many parts of the district.

47% water in Gangapur Dam

Gangapur Dam has 47% water reserve. While the Dam Complex has 43% usable water storage. Last year it was 40%. Gangapur Dam Complex consists of four dams namely Gangapur, Kashyapi, Gautami Godavari and Alandi. The water from Darna (49%) and Mukne (44%) dams is also supplied for citizens. Both these dams have less water storage this year as compared to last year.

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