35th Bird Convention in Nandurmadhameshwar?

Nandurmadhameshwar, Chandrapur in race
35th Bird Convention in Nandurmadhameshwar?
Spot Billed Duck and Northern Pintail

NASHIK: The 35th All Maharashtra Bird Convention is likely to be held at Nandurmadhameshwar Wildlife Sanctuary in Niphad, which is the first and only place in the state to get ‘Ramsar’ status. The President of the 34th Bird Convention in Solapur said that the preference will be given to Nandurmadhameshwar. Due to this, Nandurmadhameshwar is likely to be selected for the convention and there is an atmosphere of cheer in Nashikites and bird lovers.

The 34th Maharashtra Pakshimitra Sammelan or Bird Convention was successfully held in Solapur. The meeting concluded on Sunday. The meeting was organized by Maharashtra Pakshimitra Sanghatana. Nandurmadhameshwar Sanctuary in Niphad taluka of Nashik will be considered for the convention.

Even though the name of Chandrapur is being discussed, Nandurmadhameshwar is likely to get preference. Recently, the All India Marathi Sahitya Sammelan was held in Nashik at the village of great poet Kusumagraj. The three-day convention focused on literature. For the 35th bird convention, Nandurmadhameshwar is likely to be favoured.

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